Our services

We develop and optimize complex biomedical databases essential to the global scientific community. Through our support of preeminent sources of genetic sequence, genomic, chemical, and scientific information, we drive continuing scientific research and discovery.

We have expanded these core services to include health communication and outreach, program management office support services, and other domains, all with the goal of improving public health.


Scientific data management/Data science

Since 1991, Computercraft has worked with federal government agencies to develop and maintain some of the world’s largest publicly available genetic sequence databases, including GenBank, RefSeq, and dbGaP, and to provide scientific quality control for the genetic sequences submitted by researchers worldwide.

We also assist researchers through our work in data science, a field that combines computer science and IT with statistics and data visualization to make sense of enormous amounts of data. We provide technical guidance and support to products like PubMed Central that make it possible to share millions of full-text journal articles with researchers and the public.


  • Use of Agile methodology to develop and deploy online databases to collect, integrate, and share scientific data
  • Triage, analysis, annotation, quality assurance, editing, and public release of genetic sequences
  • Journal article processing using XML, XSLT, and UNIX scripting
  • Curation, integration, and dissemination of research data
  • Analysis of open access models
  • Application of information retrieval methods, machine learning, and natural-language processing

Health IT

Computercraft develops resources to standardize data collection and promote human health, including a database and web-based submissions portal used to track infectious disease outbreaks at U.S. national parks.

This system helps determine the epidemiology of outbreaks, respond with public health interventions, and monitor progress.


  • Website, database, and software design and development
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Help desk support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Standard and custom web analytics
  • Usability and Section 508 testing and remediation

Health communication and outreach

Computercraft works with government agencies and underserved populations to expand access to reliable web-based health information, outreach materials, and conferences with the goal of reducing health disparities.

We also participate in scientific meetings throughout the country, prepare and give biomedical presentations, and creatively train the scientific community about publicly available bioinformatics and genomics databases and other tools through collaborative "hackathons."


  • Educational services to the scientific community, including bioinformatics and genomics coding events and technical training
  • Agile-based product management with strategic and tactical planning
  • Development of clinical, programmatic, and policy materials for medical providers, scientists, and the public
  • Website and content development

Program management office support

Computercraft operates a program management office to ensure the success of interrelated IT projects, including those that upgrade and enhance NIH’s Oracle-based enterprise financial management system.

With expertise across the IT life cycle, we develop and institutionalize all the resources needed to maximize standardization, efficiency, and compliance with governance requirements and schedules.

Our project management professionals use their process improvement and change management skills to continually optimize project execution.


  • Organizational change management, system architecture management, and program/project scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Documentation of best practices, standards, and policies and procedures
  • Guidance, mentorship, and just-in-time training for project managers
  • Development and deployment of templates, checklists, and other project management tools
  • Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid methodologies