About us

Computercraft, an American Indian– and Woman–owned small business established in 1981, has long explored the intersection of IT and biomedical research.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Computercraft has more than 30 years of experience providing IT solutions and services to the federal government and private sector with a focus on health and biomedical research.



Carolyn Hill
President and CEO
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Joan Yu
Director of Program Management


Monica Patterson
Director of Finance and Operations


Jessica Hicks
Director of Human Resources


Liz Hayes
Director of Communications


We are passionate about our core values. They make Computercraft stronger, and they make us feel good about the community and products we are building. Our commitment to these values starts at the top of our organization.

Customer and employee focus

Computercraft fosters a sense of community among our customers and personnel, who feel a sense of pride in the results of their collaboration. As a result, Computercraft maintains long-term customer relationships and longevity and satisfaction among staff.


We have a history of creating cutting-edge technology tools that allow the global community to capitalize on the vast volume of data generated by research communities. We push the boundaries of technology, transforming the ways researchers and others publish and exchange information.

Equal access to information

Computercraft supports the open access movement, which promotes free and unrestricted use of published material, including the results of government-funded research. Our work helps government agencies actualize open access, creating universal, equitable access to health information.

Public health

Our interest in advancing biomedical science and human health drives all the work we do. Our products, which address health concerns such as genetic variations and chronic or infectious diseases, inform community health workers, advance federal public health initiatives, and assist international researchers.


Integrity is fundamental to the way we do business. We do quality work, meet all our commitments, and bring honesty and respect to our relationships. As a result, we have built trust and personal connections with our employees, clients, and vendors, which has fueled our long-term success.


Computercraft values diversity. Diversity is critical to both building a healthy workplace and designing creative solutions to the most challenging problems. Our commitment to diversity in our hiring ensures that our staff contribute unique skills and perspectives.



Gene and Sonam Hill


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